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Around 2015 I (James) was looking through old family photos on the computer from when my firstborn, Judah was about 2 years old. (he's 16 now ) It was all going fine until l stumbled onto a video.  The sound of that little boys voice broke me.  His movements, everything about that simple video wrecked me.  This was the moment l became obsessed with video.  There is a power to video that allows you to reverse time in a sense, creating a priceless possession.  This is what we're about.  After using video to document our growing family, Black Pelican Media was born in 2019 after a friend asked us to film their wedding.  We loved every second of that wedding day, and had to have more!  It turns out that telling OTHER peoples' stories through video and watching them have that overwhelming experience is almost BETTER than experiencing it yourself!  Shortly after that, we had the opportunity to help a friend who owns a small business create a video asset to help build their brand and increase sales.  Helping a friend's business succeed was an amazing feeling.  As we continued down the VIDEO creation rabbit-hole we eventually got into marketing on social media with brand-authentic and results-driven content.

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In today's business environment, if you are not strategically building your brand, specifically on social media, you are not going to achieve the potential that your business has to grow.  This is true in terms of driving revenue, hiring and keeping the best talent, and building your brand.   
In a competitive market, your business has to stand out.  Let us help you craft your story in a way that is true to you, powerful, and profitable.  James has an MBA from Florida State University and understands the challenges that your business faces.

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James and Jen have been married since 2004 and have 4 kids.  One of our favorite summertime family traditions is to go to the beach on Saturday mornings and then go to Al's Pizza for lunch.  
Photography by Laina Tortoricci

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